Trends our community sees in 2019

Trends our community sees in 2019

We asked our community of industry-leading corporates, emerging companies and respected thought leaders what they see as the biggest trends coming in 2019. Here is what they had to say:

Adam Shapiro, Co-founder, AlertMe

The increased desire to create relationships with customers. Technology has allowed publishers and brands to reach anyone in multiple ways, but that digital overload has turned off users. Those that are always thinking about what the user actually wants, instead of only what they’re selling, will emerge strongest.

Frank Mungeam, Thought Leader, SPROCKIT

AI to organize / enhance our lives: In my field of news/journalism, AI can in some cases “automate the boring stuff”, enabling journalists to spend less time on rote tasks and more time on content creation; in other cases, AI can be used to structure and sort the news, both by editors outbound TO consumers, and also for personalization BY consumers. Advances in AI will create new business opportunities, and also new problems and ethical issues (What is the value add of humans when AI can do some tasks as well or better? How can threats to privacy and private data be managed in an era where access to personal data is the engine that powers smart/AI personalization?) These dilemmas of new tech will, of course, also create business opportunities for those who solve them.

Stephane Reynaud, CEO, CogniK

Wide(r) adoption of AI as a “productivity” tool-box by non-tech workers without them even noticing it through smooth CX, and also thanks to ethical and job-replacement concerns being slowly, partially but surely relieved; 5G enabling new kind of applications, especially for the long awaited IoT expansion, thought it will likely spilled into 2020; Blockchain ecosystem still trying (but failing) to figure out the right layer between the underlying technologies and the consumers to achieve a wide adoption of applications relying on it; Video D2C wars are going to be the rage, and smart “aggregators” will likely benefit from them, especially those with the largest geo footprint.

Patricia Maher, Sr. Director, Comcast Labs

Biggest trends will be incorporating Machine Learning to make our Products & Platform Smarter.

Bart Meyers, CEO, Countable

2019 is ushering in an awakening across the Media industry to the dangers posed by having ceded control (and revenue) to platforms like Facebook. They’re recognizing that they need to reclaim access to their audiences, control over their brands, and their ability to directly monetize before it’s too late.

Roger Franklin, CEO, Crystal

Biggest trends will be new TV advertising models – addressable ads, cross-platform campaigns, etc.

Roger Keating, CSO, Hearst

The biggest trend will be automated buying/selling of linear TV ad inventory.

Dianne Mercer, VP Accounts, SSIMWAVE Inc.

Live TV is not dying; it is shifting to connected devices. That’s going to put a lot of strain on IP-based and OTT video infrastructure to deliver on subscribers’ expected viewing experiences.

Pablo Hesse, CEO, Teltoo

The biggest trend in 2019 will be edge computing services.

John Van Wagner, CCO, Wildmoka

Video content consumption on mobile will continue to grow at exponential volumes, powered by advancing 5G, which will greatly reduce latency and greatly improve the viewer experience. The type of content consumed also will evolve to more short-form content and live streaming video, driven by the massive audience of younger viewers who mostly consume content on social sites and app.