SPROCKIT attracts extraordinary startups and emerging-growth companies, mostly led by serial entrepreneurs and former executives. This elite group consistently forms meaningful partnerships and is invested in and acquired by industry leaders. Our startups also partner with each other to deliver new solutions and grow their networks.

Why be a part of SPROCKIT?

We’re Selective

Throughout the year, a maximum of 30 established startups join our year-long program, based on the startup’s ability to solve an industry pain point. Corporate partners recognize the value of being selected to participate in the program.

We’re Well Connected

SPROCKIT hosts a variety of well-attended events throughout the year to foster communication and collaboration among our corporate partners and participating startups. These include three SPROCKIT Syncs.
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We’re Results-Oriented

Nearly all of our corporate members have made deals with participating startups. Collectively, our startups have raised more than $1 Billion over the last six years. 23 startup exits in total, seven acquired in 2019.

Our Current Startup Cohort

How do you join the SPROCKIT Startup Program?