Stainless AI working with NVIDIA to enhance the media production process

Case Study: Stainless AI for Sports Video Production

We live in a world of exponentially growing media. This comes with a growing need to extract value out of that media, which is exactly what emerging SPROCKIT company, Stainless AI, is working to solve with the help of NVIDIA.

With the expansive hardware and software tools from NVIDIA, Stainless AI uses its systems to create metadata automatically for large amounts of media at a time.

“The media landscape is shifting pretty rapidly, and the experiences that we have now are not going to be the same experiences we have 5 or 10 years from now in consuming media. There are a lot of issues with how we consume media today,” Stainless AI CEO Daniel Stieglitz said. “Right now, we are working with media rights holders and producers to streamline their production workflow.”

With the help of Stainless AI, production companies and media outlets can shorten the amount of time it takes to log and label data in order to more quickly extract what is truly valuable.

Stainless AI making things with MLB

In 2014, when Major League Baseball was looking to expand its original video review process to include a wider variety of plays, the organization quickly realized there was too much data to analyze manually. Stainless AI provided the perfect solution.

MLB selected Stainless AI’s real-time data ingest and processing tool,, to provide a key component for the Replay Operations Center (ROC), and to develop the ROCPaper app to enable its technical staff to achieve these process goals.

“Watching a partner like Stainless AI provide large media entities, like Major League Baseball, new ways to tell stories about their content, just by running it through their system is exciting,” Michael Kaplan, Director; Global Business Development, Media & Entertainment at NVIDIA, said. “By leveraging AI, every camera view from every game, can generate useful information that feeds into the story enabling the audience to engage in new and different ways.”

Stainless AI is part of the NVIDIA Inception Program, which nurtures dedicated and exceptional startups who are revolutionizing industries with advances in AI and data science. Stainless is taking advantage of GPU acceleration provide by NVIDIA for to deliver fast, real-time data collaboration capability to keep games moving.

What’s Next for Stainless AI?

With frame-by-frame analysis, Stainless AI technology looks to help broadcasters integrate seamless advertisements into the productions.

“To create a positive experience you need to understand what is going on on a frame-by-frame basis. It is the beginning of contextual advertising, which is the future,” Stieglitz said. “You need to be able to produce media that make sense to the audience. No more weird cut outs or ins. You have to able to insert an advertisement into what is happening in the live event.”