SSIMWAVE collaborates with NGCODEC to offer a quality metric that facilitates encoder comparisons

SSIMWAVE collaborates with NGCODEC to offer a quality metric that facilitates encoder comparisons

By, Dianne Mercer, VP Sales SSIMWAVE

SPROCKIT first approached SSIMWAVE in 2017. Back then, we were just gaining momentum, booking our own presence at industry events: a small fish in a big pond.  

We knew we were at the forefront of perceptual video quality measurement with a cutting-edge product that implemented the human visual system into software. We knew we were already the best video quality measurement software out there, the only one trusted by Hollywood. We also knew that our product appealed to a specific industry comprised of a limited number of players and that we needed concentrated efforts to get our name out there to the right people.

SPROCKIT gave us the tools to do this.

With them we were able to make the most out of every opportunity, establishing meaningful connections through networking and forging partnerships with other companies who serve similar customers. They provided the platform our product deserved.

We attended key events (NAB, CES) where SPROCKIT served as an all-in-one resource, relieving us from logistics planning and allowing us to focus all of our efforts on showcasing our innovative product to the best of our ability.

At NAB we gained over 20 high quality leads, as well as invaluable exposure. Our Chief Science Officer and co-founder Dr. Wang spoke on a SPROCKIT panel moderated by TVREV founder Alan Wolk, regarding Monetizing OTT beyond subscriptions. We were able to solidify meetings with Hearst and Univision, and collaborate with another SPROCKIT company, NG CODEC, to offer them a quality metric that facilitates encoder comparisons.

Working with SPROCKIT opened the door to many high-value opportunities that a small start-up could never have dreamed of identifying. These gave us the push we needed to continue building out our state-of-the-art software.  

What’s next for us?

We will continue to be proxy for people’s eyes for the live and on demand streaming industry, ensuring our customers know what “good” looks like for their subscribers at any stage, from source to playback.  And we will only keep improving.

This week, we are excited to launch our VOD Inspector solution into the cloud. It will be the ultimate tool for engineers and architects to configure encoding parameters and quality ladders, recommend third party encoder/transcoder deployments, and establish VOD processing and delivery workflows.