SPROCKIT Sync – Fall 2020 Startup Recruitment

Know any amazing startups who should be at SPROCKIT Sync? We’re accepting applications to join SPROCKIT and connect with top Fortune 500 executives.

Selected startups will join an incredible group of SPROCKIT alum – 7 of which were acquired in 2019 and many more who have raised significant levels of investment in the past several months. Since its inception in 2013, SPROCKIT Startups have generated 20+ exits, 100s of partnerships and funding events, and its members have raised over $1 billion in investment– including over $500 million after joining.

If you have referrals or would like more information, please email startups@sprockit.com. In particular, the SPROCKIT team is excited about some of our new areas of focus given recent trends and emerging technologies in media and entertainment as well as the intersection with the mobility industry. 5G means a range of new opportunities, while voice and audio create new pathways for content to be accessed and consumed. We are particularly interested in startups focused on:

  • artificial intelligence & natural language processing
  • advanced advertising & commerce
  • attribution and measurement
  • consumer engagement & unique human machine interfaces
  • cybersecurity & asset management
  • edge computing & network solutions
  • integrated media workflow tools and solutions
  • voice / audio / in-vehicle entertainment
  • 5G & mobility solutions
  • Next generation TV

Startup candidates should be able to solve a pain point for corporate partners with a meaningful solution, have a minimum viable product and a reference client(s). Solutions do not have to be specifically media or entertainment focused if they can provide meaningful solutions to the business models for SPROCKIT’s corporate partners

Why be part of SPROCKIT?

We’re selective. Throughout the year, a maximum of 30 established startups join our year-long program, based on the startup’s ability to solve an industry pain point. Corporate partners recognize the value of being selected to participate in the program.

We’re well connected. SPROCKIT hosts a variety of well-attended events throughout the year to foster communication and collaboration among our corporate partners and participating startups. These include three SPROCKIT Syncs – including the next event on October 29. Click here to check out highlights from a SPROCKIT Sync and here for a review of our recent virtual event.

We’re results-oriented. Nearly all of our corporate members have made deals with participating startups. Collectively, our startups have raised more than $1 BILLION US over the last six years. Seven startups were acquired in 2019!

Email startups@sprockit.com if you’re curious about SPROCKIT, joining as a corporate partner or applying to be a startup member.

We also appreciate recommendations and introductions. The best startups and corporate partners almost always come from referrals! Current members get a $500 credit towards alumni program(s). Help us spread the word!