Sprockit and 4YFN join forces at MWC Los Angeles

4YFN LA 2019
At the 4YFN Discovery Stage at MWC LA 2019

A month out from 4YFN (4 Years from Now) Los Angeles, the startup venture of Mobile World Congress, connections made at the event are still fresh and active.

It was an outing in which real progress was made, connecting the dots between startups, the telco and media industries in the global home of entertainment.

The binding force to realizing that vision was Community Partner Sprockit, the global marketplace connecting the world’s top market-proven emerging companies in media, entertainment and technology. Sprockit and 4YFN collaborated to launch the Mobile Hollywood Innovators Program to profile some of the most innovative people and companies in the media and entertainment industries. The initiative proved popular across the whole MWC LA program, with the stage full to capacity throughout the sessions.

“Sprockit and 4YFN’s powerful collaboration at MWC LA provided a glimpse into the future of media and entertainment,” said Harry Glazer, founder and CEO, Sprockit. “By joining forces, we filled the 4YFN pavillion with Fortune 500 corporate executives who understand the power of partnering with the world’s top proven startups.”

The often standing room only 4YFN Stage presented dozens of innovative leaders in media and entertainment. Speakers included David Freeman, co-head of Digital Media at CAA; Audrey Morrissey, executive producer of “The Voice” and “Songland” on NBC; Sarah Steele, executive producer of VR/AR for YouTube, and Bill McCullough, vice president and creative director at NFL Media.

“Sprockit’s expansive rolodex within the media and entertainment community allowed us to fill the 4FYN stage with key industry executives,” said Jack Davidson, Americas engagement manager, GSMA. “We’re grateful for 4YFN’s new partnership with Sprockit and look forward to future collaboration moving forward.” 

While at MWC LA, Sprockit shared its strong expertise in startup curation and development to support other startups in the 4YFN space:

  • Sprockit partner C-Score presented its startup assessment tool at the Discovery Stage, evaluating startups live. The proprietary software quantitatively evaluates startups, creating a level playing field. 
  • Sprockit’s industry experts held office hours to provide feedback to startups participating in the 4YFN program.

Four Sprockit member companies also exhibited and pitched at 4YFN LA, showcasing the future of media and entertainment:

  • Cerebri AI, personalizing the enterprise by measuring customer engagement to drive financial results
  • Raydiant, a cloud-based, dynamic display platform for businesses to centrally deploy and manage applications across many screens
  • Stainless AI, showcasing a neural network that watches and understands media, automatically extracting frame-level, content specific metadata
  • The Q Live Game Network, instantly making business more interactive with customizable games like trivia, surveys and more

“We were very excited to work with Sprockit, MWC and 4YFN to open new doors for Raydiant at the show,” said Tuan Ho, chief product officer, Raydiant. “We had a series of announcements during the show, including Raydiant’s rebrand launch, a $7M fundraising round and introducing our new CEO Bobby Marhamat to the industry. The network that the Sprockit organization offers allowed us to really leverage all of this in an exciting environment with press, investors, corporate partners and prospective customers.”