SPROCKIT 2020: A Year In Review

What a year we’ve had! SPROCKIT kicked it off with a gathering at CES in Vegas at the Cosmo Chandelier Bar (note: are you happy or sad about not being at CES in 2021?), followed by a fantastic SPROCKIT Sync hosted by Comcast at Universal Studios in February. Closely monitoring our presence plans for Mobile World Congress led us to the realization that things were about to change. And, bam, there it was. COVID. Cancellations. Chaos. Gone were the days of travel, our beloved in-person SPROCKIT Syncs, and the SPROCKIT Hub at NAB Show 2020. It was definitely disruption like no other. 

But, at SPROCKIT, disruption isn’t bad. In fact, it’s a silver lining. It forced digital transformation – what took decades, took days. SPROCKIT companies focused on the cloud and remote production saw demand soar, and one, DivvyCloud, was acquired. In the middle of a pandemic.

Our team knows that while there are silver linings to disruption, we also know that it’s hard.  It’s why we brought our community together every week to connect, collaborate and commiserate. We discussed everything from PPP loans and SBA funding, to how to put together a sales process, to pivoting in a pandemic. 

And while we missed the SPROCKIT Hub at NAB Show in Vegas, we made the best of it with NAB Show Express – highlighting our companies, our alumni, our corporates and our thought leaders. We also supported NAB Show New York with an incredible session on how the pandemic accelerated digital transformation, moderated by SPROCKIT Thought Leader Tim Hanlon, CEO of Vertere Group, and featuring SPROCKIT companies Advocado, Overcast HQ, Resonance AI and Wildmoka.

In June, we held our first-ever virtual SPROCKIT Sync. Yes, of course on Zoom. And, even we were blown away at the ability of our community to bring the energy. We flew through a half day meeting wanting more. So, we did it again in October (link to Oct blog).  And, we’ll do it again in February (link to invite). 

We added new companies, including iDenTV, Living PopUps, MyBundleTV, Omnistream, Podcast Village, SafeGuard Privacy, Veep.io and Videomine. And, as you should all know by now, we’re always looking to uncover new ones. (Referrals welcome!)

These are all highlights, and we recognize that it doesn’t capture the hours of agony our community endured – civil unrest, economic hardship, losing loved ones, making dramatic cuts and changes to plans and pivoting to survive. But, SPROCKIT, and our community, remains committed to supporting each other, to embracing disruption and accelerating innovation.