Second Virtual SPROCKIT Sync a Grand Slam!

Once again, SPROCKIT hits it out of the park with its second virtual SPROCKIT Sync held on Thursday, October 29, 2020. While normally hosted by a corporate partner at their headquarters, the team proved it’s about the people, not the place. 

With the growing support from our community of Corporate Partners, Startups, Thought Leaders and invited guests from across the globe, SPROCKIT attendees brought the energy from its physical events to the virtual event. 

SPROCKIT is the Global Innovation Marketplace for Industry to discover solutions to its most pressing challenges and opportunities; matching the right companies, with the right startup at the right time to bring revolutionary new products and services to market, through partnerships, investments and acquisitions, with game-changing startups.

SPROCKIT CEO and founder Harry Glazer kicked off the afternoon the private, invite-only event with Corporate Partners, Startups and Guests of the only curated corporate-centered innovation community.  SPROCKIT corporate partners shared pain points with the community touching on digital transformation, monetization, and new connectivity.

SPROCKIT Startup and Alumni companies presented innovative solutions to the corporate executives looking for solutions to their specific challenges and opportunities.  

  • Engaging and interactive breakout discussions were held, including:
  • Civic Engagement: Elections & Misinformation 
  • Connection & Collaboration: Transformation in Tech Enablers
  • Tech Trends: Advanced Connectivity Impact
  • Is Live Dead or Different

In addition, SPROCKIT hosted special sessions with SPROCKIT advisor Kevin Rogers, CEO of Cyphersphere supported by SPROCKIT’s own Dan Cole on amping up sales, while Nicole Washington, CEO of Boralogix, and Angel Capital Association representative, supported by SPROCKIT CFO Carl “CJ” Wallace focused on financing options for startups.

And no SPROCKIT Sync would be the same without its signature highly curated one-on-one meetings between startups and corporate partners.  Conversations and follow ups are continuing offline and via our SPROCKIT Hub, our virtual community.

And while there’s nothing like clinking glasses, it didn’t mean we couldn’t clink screens with a virtual toast to SPROCKIT’s companies raising over $2B.   

At our last virtual Sync, Spirits Networks own spirits sommelier Flavien Desoblin led a “spirited” discussion on the scotches provided to attendees and guests. This time we switched it up and went with Bob Dylan’s Heavens Door whiskey. We think there will be quite a few folks knocking on SPROCKIT’s door to join this amazing community next time!  Stay tuned for our event on February 18th, 2021.  To learn more, visit:

Congratulations to all the attendees, Corporate Partners, Startups and Alumni!