Next stop: Hollywood!

Next stop: Hollywood!

By Kenneth Stamp, TradeCast TV

We’d already teased it a bit at our SPROCKIT booth at the NAB Show, but 2019 will be the year that TradeCast TV will open its first location in the United States. Later this year, TradeCast will have its own offices in the heart of Hollywood, entertainment capital of the world. We can’t think of a better place to start our American expansion than this hub of content creators, movie studios and television dynasties. The perfect location to further disrupt and democratise online broadcasting with our revolutionary OTT video platform solution.

Being a part of SPROCKIT and the SPROCKIT hub at the NAB Show has been great for us and contributed towards our move to the States. One of the new online video platforms that we debuted at the SPROCKIT hub is All Guitar Network, founded by the team behind the legendary guitar store Norman’s Rare Guitars in LA. Boasting content contributions from guitar legends like Joe Bonamassa and Slash, All Guitar Network TV ( broadcasts content for over 50 million guitar enthusiasts worldwide. It’s a truly passion-driven platform that offers exclusive shows, guitar lessons, live performances and contributions of an ever growing group of world-renowned guitar players, making All Guitar Network TV the most complete platform for guitar information, backgrounds and insights.

All Guitar Network TV is an incredible example of a global niche subject that can now cater to all its fans from one central video broadcasting platform, available on all screens and devices. This perfectly matches with our vision to offer special interest video platforms that focus on broadcasting and monetizing content, with TradeCast TV fully unburdening them on the technical side.

These huge steps for TradeCast TV can be directly linked with out collaboration with SPROCKIT. Thanks to being part of the SPROCKIT community, we’ve dramatically increased our interactions with American-based companies and content creators. Also, sharing experiences with the other SPROCKIT companies and collaborators – for instance at the Sync meetings or at the NAB Show – has proven very helpful for us. It’s great to know that you have this community of likeminded media entrepreneurs that you can easily approach and collaborate with.

Expanding to the US was always our ambition, but since being a part of SPROCKIT, it has only become clearer that the TradeCast platform is built for a global audience and needs a US presence. Hollywood, here we come!