Lights, Camera, SPROCKIT Sync LA

Lights, Camera, SPROCKIT Sync LA

In the heart of Universal City, California – under the watchful eye of a 20-foot tall Minion – SPROCKIT corporate innovators, emerging game-changing companies and respected thought leaders gathered for a day of collaboration and conversation. During an event graciously hosted by Comcast, SPROCKIT members file into the Soundstage at 8 a.m. Attendees pick out their name tags, set down their belongs at one of the eleven circular tables and join others for refreshments and coffee. Light chatter and innovative ideas rise through the crisp air.


SPROCKIT’s first Sync of 2019 was a blockbuster event thanks to our gracious hosts at Comcast. The day-long event included demonstrations pitches from nearly 30 of our hand-selected emerging member companies, panels on innovation within a corporation, as well as the rise of eSports and breakout sessions in which the group came together to discuss pain-points challenging everyone in the industry. From automated local TV advertisement to OTT and Mobile, SPROCKIT members shared the latest innovations ready to change the industry today.

One of the founding principles of SPROCKIT is bridging the gap between corporates and emerging companies to quiet the noise and get right to the solutions. Vice President of Comcast Labs Josh Seiden echoed the importance of the SPROCKIT program on a panel with fellow Comcast executives Christopher Marsh, vice president of Comcast Advanced Products Group; Jamie Gillingham, vice president of Comcast Strategic Development; and Patricia Maher, senior director at Comcast Labs.

“When you look at [Comcast Labs] compared to the standard development organizations within the greater Comcast, we are very small. Being small is by design; we can move quick and adjust plans, but the downside is that when you are small, it is hard to do real big things,” Josh shared with the group. “Organizations like [SPROCKIT] and companies like you guys is one of the most critical ways for us to do our job.”

One of the key aspects of SPROCKIT Sync is the one-on-one meetings between emerging companies and corporates. These matches are uniquely personalized by corporate requests and insights by the SPROCKIT team. The targeted conversations allow participants to get straight to solutions and conversations on how they can best collaborate.

eSports was a major focus at SPROCKIT Sync, where Ed Tomasi, managing director of Big Block eSports practice, led a conversation on the rise of eSports and the world of innovation that lies ahead for the emerging vertical. One aspect that made the panel of experts so unique was the various perspectives, with representation from broadcasters, marketers, eSport league executives and a former traditional sports player turned eSport evangelist. The panel of experts shared that interaction and accessibility are keys to success in the world of eSports.

“The fact that your favorite influencer or person can directly interact with you is huge,” said Jared Jeffries, president of Echo Fox and former Washington Wizard power forward. “People give thousands of dollars to interactive streams.”

SPROCKIT emerging companies have the tools to help monetize eSports, as well as tackle many other pain points facing media, entertainment and technology industries. Several were discussed during the engaging breakout sessions, where SPROCKIT thought leaders led conversations on several hot button issues,  including AI Development and the Media, Connected TV, 5G and Media and trends of 2019.

Before the final curtain of SPROCKIT Sync LA, we honored those companies graduating from their first year of the SPROCKIT program. The crystal awards sparkled as Applicaster, Barometic, Connekt, Countable, Promethean TV, Mira, SSIMWAVE Inc, Stainless AI, Tellyo and Wicket Labs rose to the ranks of SPROCKIT alumni. They don’t have to fret, though, because as SPROCKIT CEO Harry Glazer says:

“SPROCKIT is like Hotel California: You can check out but you can never leave.”

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