It’s the Summer of Acquisitions

When it comes to startups, a slow summer simply doesn’t exist. Especially not for SPROCKIT startups,
who are at the top of their game and transforming the media, entertainment and technology industries.
In less than a month, three of our recent startups were acquired:

  1. LiveRamp acquired 2018 alum DataPlusMath in a cash and stock deal valued at $150 million.
    The acquisition combines both companies’ data sets and will better help LiveRamp (formerly
    Axciom) target ads for its clients on streaming and traditional TV. According to the Wall Street
    Journal, “Data Plus Math’s measurement tool will be added to LiveRamp’s products to help
    companies combine various data sets—and advertisers know if their campaigns worked.”
  2. Xilinx acquired 2017 alum NGCodec to enhance real time video streaming quality and reduce
    the required bandwidth. According to a Forbes’ article on the acquisition, the deal “has the
    potential to create a new breed of cloud applications that can utilize video encoding in
    combination with AI and specialized algorithmic processing.” Terms of the deal were not
    publicly disclosed, but NGCodec CEO Oliver Gunasekara shared there was a “5x return for our
    investors and a great home for all of the team” who will stay on at Xilinx.
  3. LTN Global entered into an agreement to acquire 2019 alum Crystal.
    According to the press release, the combined company “will offer mission-critical ad insertion,
    digital watermarking, and other unique tools that will allow networks and digital platforms to
    monetize their content across a fully managed IP multicast network.”

Congratulations to these former startups who have proved themselves indispensable in the media and
entertainment industries. We look forward to many more glasses of celebratory champagne as future
startups participate in the SPROCKIT program, proving how entrepreneurs and enterprises can
effectively drive much needed change within an industry.