Corporate Partners

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Corporate Partners are companies from across the media, entertainment and technology spectrum interested in engaging with the top innovators in the media and entertainment industry.

Being a part of Sprockit is about being among the first corporations to see what’s next in your industry. It’s also where you will learn how to effectively collaborate across multiple platforms with others that are driving the future. Simply put, your corporate partnership provides intimate and constant access to the leading market-ready startup companies that are re-shaping the media and entertainment industry.

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    Sprockit works with Corporate Partners to identify and define industry and individual pain points

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    Startups who can solve a pain point for Corporate Partners are identified through referrals from the Sprockit community or by emailing

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    Sprockit does an initial vetting of companies via its application process and schedules an interview to determine fit and review program goals.

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    Once accepted, Sprockit onboards its startups and prepares them for participation in the program.